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SHAR's service delivery continuum ranges from:

  • ambulatory detoxification
  • residential substance abuse
  • intensive and traditional outpatient programs
  • transitional housing
  • recovery support
  • prevention services
  • specialty programs for men
  • employed persons
  • individuals under correctional supervision (i.e. parole or probation)
  • individuals with co-occurring disorders


SHAR is continuously evolving and developing innovative ways of positively impacting our community.


Detox / Withdrawal Management services are available at SHAR Main.  Average length of stay is 3-5 days. Clients receive evidence-based, medically supervised withdrawal management treatment. Services include medication assisted detox for opiate and alcohol withdrawal.


Residential treatment is aimed at eliminating substance abuse behaviors and gaining the  abilities to live a clean and sober life.  Insight into  the addiction and relapse process and developing a personalized plan to identify triggers,  attitudes and engage in a lifestyle change is essential.


With durations up to 120 days, SHAR's residential programs are also designed for individuals with co-occurring disorders (COD) who need stabilization as well as individuals with co-existing legal problems / criminal thinking issues.  Eliminating substance abuse and increasing an individual's pro-social behaviors happens in the structured, therapeutic environments of both SHAR Main and SHAR Macomb where our residential programs are housed.


SHAR Main & the SHAR Macomb facilities both have gender specific units designed with women and women issues in mind. They offer residential treatment to women in a safe and clean environment.


Community-based group and  individual sessions are available at SHAR Main and Macomb. Both facilities also offer gender-specific services for both men and women.


For individuals  who are homeless or without a safe, supportive, recovery environment, SHAR offers recovery housing and transitional living at SHAR Macomb, SHAR Main, and at our 30 bed recovery house, Maybury Grand.


SHAR has shown an effective way of remaining on the road to recovery is to be guided and to receive the added assistance of a recovery coach, and/or a Peer.  These trained, certified individuals provide valuable guidance and assistance, helping clients get housing, employment, and to locate many other needed resources.


SHAR employs dedicated Case Managers to assist in linking  persons  to the many services  they may need (mental health, primary health care, transportation, housing, etc.). Case Managers serve as an advocate for persons served and are key in developing the person centered plan.


For over 2 years, SHAR's ECHO program has served challenged individuals, assisting them in becoming more self sufficient.  ECHO works with all person where they are at, helping them to get the needed resources.  ECHO helps individuals find jobs so they can take care of their families and restore their lives.  (www.


Medication assisted treatment has proven to be very effective in helping individuals using opioids and alcohol maintain abstinence and achieve long-term recovery. After being abstinent for 7-10 days, participants may receive the once monthly Vivitrol injection along with counseling support. It has been effective in decreasing cravings and blocking the euphoric effects. MAT services are offered at both facilities and regardless of the level of care.


As a major part of SHAR's expansion and evolution, SHAR Academy will serve as a Community Center, addressing many of the social, educational and other related needs of the challenged people in our surrounding community. This “Recovery Mall” will emerge as a service center, a "1-Stop-Shop" where an individual may obtain a wide variety of needed  “wrap-around” services, designed to enhance their over-all well being.


SHAR Academy is a former Detroit Public School building located across the Boulevard from SHAR's main headquarters, and will allow us to more effectively fulfill our mission, purpose, and the needs of the community.

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Hours of Operation
SHAR Main (Detroit) 24/7 Member must call 1-800-241-4949 for complete assessment and authorization.
SHAR Macomb 24/7 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (586 983-2670)
SHAR Maybury Grand Recovery Housing Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
SHAR Academy Recovery Housing Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (313 556-5222)
SHAR ECHO Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM