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SHAR is a multi-modality human service agency providing a continuum of substance use and co-occurring disorder services ranging from ambulatory withdrawal management (detoxification), residential, outpatient treatment, residential aftercare, and recovery support services.


In FY 2016-2017, the agency served over 2,400 community-based clients, a slight increase from the number of clients in community treatment settings the previous year. The number of admissions has  been increasing each year in concert with the addiction related problems and deaths in our society. As the severity of our client problems escalate, so does the costs it takes to effectively treat  and to operate our health care system.  The problem lies in that healthcare reimbursement rates lag far behind inflation.

SHAR take some aggressive steps to compensate these factors and "right size" expenses and turn the financial corner in Fiscal 2016-2017 in order to reverse a 2-year loss. This was accomplished with difficulty, primarily by realigning monthly expenses to revenue, negotiating contracts with vendors, elimination of some staff, re-assigning responsibilities, and across the board compensation reductions.  As a result of these necessary adjustments, fiscal 2016-2017 shows a $500,000 in-the-black year end. This is a pretty dramatic turn-a-round, and SHAR was able to reset the compensation levels for many of our staff members.




SHAR's leadership team continues to guide the operation and to embrace the values of accountability and responsibility to the organization's stated mission. Annually, SHAR engages an independent auditing firm, and continues to successfully achieve the unqualified status from the independent auditing firm - indicating SHAR's accounting practices are clean, GAP compliant and free of deficiencies.


Revenues and Expenditures - Comparison


The chart below displays SHAR’s expenditures and revenues for FY 2012-13 through FY 2016-17.


SHAR Foundation Net Profit/(Loss) Comparison for 5 Years


Fiscal Year













 $ 142,567



 $ 502,004




 $ 6,208,221

 $ 6,525,699

 $ 6,749,016

 $ 5,686,997

 $ 6,217,601




 $ 6,760,051

 $ 6,383,132

 $ 6,944,978

 $ 6,236,048

 $ 5,715,597

Expenses to Revenue








SHAR's future rests on our ability to continue to fulfill our mission and to meet the needs of the community in an efficient and cost effective manner.  This last fiscal year has seen some beneficial, programmatic accomplishments that we will continue to expand upon.


  • We implemented a dedicated women's unit at SHAR Main in Detroit.  This is in addition to the Ladies Specialty Unit at SHAR Macomb.  This gives us a unit for women at each of our primary treatment sites.


  • In response to the national opioid overdose crisis, we have developed and implemented an organization-wide MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) program.  The use of Vivitrol has been effective in blocking the effects of opioids and alcohol, and decreasing the cravings and urges that precipitates drug seeking and using.


SHAR has been on the front line in the war against addiction for years.  We recognize that addiction has taken more lives annually than we lose with car accidents, homicides, and more than we lost during the entire Vietnam war.  We cannot put a dollar sign, price or value to a human life.  We understand that but gives you these financial breakdowns to for illustration purposes. We remain dedicated to our mission and know we will continue to grow as we remain responsive to the needs of the community, and handle our finances in a prudent and responsible manner.



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