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SHAR Accreditation and Licensing

SHAR is accredited by CARF, licensed by the State of Michigan, and approved by BCBSM and other insurance carriers.


SHAR is funded by the City of Detroit Bureau of Substance Abuse, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, and we are contracted with the State of Michigan Department of Corrections.


We believe in self-help, behavioral change, tough love, empathy and the principles that promote personal growth and responsibility.

Since 1969, Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation, Inc. (SHAR) has provided high quality substance abuse, mental health and other behavioral health services consistent with the needs of the individual.  Accredited by C.A.R.F., and licensed by the State of Michigan, SHAR, a Detroit-based non-profit provides a full continuum of care through our primary treatment locations, long-term transitional facilities, and two prison-based sites.

SHAR acknowledges the strong link between substance abuse, mental illness, crime, homelessness and numerous social ailments. Since our inception, SHAR has demonstrated expertise in working with a wide range of people, many of them disadvantaged, and individuals that others can't or won't help.  We are proud of our track record of successfully administering programs in prisons, jails and in the community.   We believe in self-help, behavioral change, tough love, empathy and other integrated services that promote personal growth and responsibility.  Our continuum of services are designed to transform individuals into productive, contributing members of society.

SHAR's program structure is also well-suited to help those who have served our Country. During their tour of duty, they learned and embraced discipline, structure, and peer-to-peer daily routines. SHAR's integrated concept of care helps military personnel and veterans reclaim the personal confidence needed to face and overcome challenges. SHAR's services not only relate to substance abuse, but also for transitioning back home, regaining pre-duty levels of functioning, and resolving PTSD or other mental health and trauma-related concerns. SHAR continues to help our Country's finest (hundreds each year, and thousands throughout our many years); we'll help them get back that self-confidence and provide a recovery foundation that gives them back their lives - for themselves and for those who care for and need them.

SHAR’s programs are nationally known, and commonly thought of as “tough”. We do not apologize for that – it has been designed that way.  We recognize the devastation that addiction and it accompanying problems cause on our society, communities, and our families. We feel the pain of parents who have lost their children and children who have no parents. We have met the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, co-workers and the many others who have watched addiction steal away an individuals potential and their dreams.  It is true: addiction changed them into someone they didn’t want to be. SHAR provides the answer to a tough problem.

Questions for you:  Are you suffering?  Alcohol?  Other Drugs?  Prescription Drugs?

• Do you use more than what you intend?
• Do you find yourself unable to control your use?
• Has your use caused a problem in any area of your life (health, social, employment, legal, financial, etc.)?

SHAR is where you begin to learn the Process of Change that will surely transform the rest of your life.

SHAR is all about empowering people to take control of their lives.  While helping thousands of people over decades, our experience has discovered the age-old irony- that you can only take and regain control of your life after you learn to let go.  And herein, lies the problem; letting go or stopping.  Whether your dilemma centers around alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs or any combination of these or other drugs, at SHAR, we begin the process of change.  From the start we teach and show you how your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors lead to and perpetuate your problems, and how working with us can provide you a way out. Give us a chance.  Try SHAR. We will give you back your choice.